279. Woodstock Inn Brewery Loon Golden Ale

Anyone that has been following my blog for a while knows that I love growlers. When we went to Vermont (see details of trip here) we visited 6 different breweries / brew pubs in 3 days and I had the opportunity to pickup 4 growlers plus the many 750 ml bottles from Hill Farmstead. This one is from Woodstock Inn Brewery in Woodstock NH which was out last stop on our way home.

Color is pretty typical of a blonde ale, maybe a bit darker but it is filtered and crystal clear. In fact some of the writing on the other side of the glass is visible. This is a blonde ale so I was not expecting much in the way of aroma or flavor and I was right. Maybe I have just been drinking too many big IPAs and I have ruined my palate. Nice beer for a hot afternoon as it is light, refreshing and easy to drink.
Pros: Easy drinking
Cons: Simple
Alcohol Content: 4.75% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 30
Rating: ★★☆☆
Brewers Website: Woodstock Inn Brewery
Brewers Description: Light golden in color. Dry and crisp with a semi assertive, Fuggles hop bitterness. Hops are prominent but not overwhelming. Overall, a well balanced representation of the golden ale style. O.G.1.050

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  1. The rendering looks great. Pigs Ear and Red Rack were among the first craft beers I ever had, so Woodstock has a speical place in my heart. It wasn’t until this past summer, though, that I finally visited the patio out front, and the hops growing up the walls of the unassuming old station made for a great lunch on our way up to Burlington for the Vermont Brewers Fest. The new building will be attached to the back of the station, right?And is it true that the new brewery will give you the space to brew all your bottled beers on-site soon? I’m looking forward to trying some of the new bomber series espeically the Last Chair (sounds like a hoppier version of the Pigs Ear?) as well as the new and old stuff that comes out of the new brewery. Good luck with the construction, and please post updates as it happens.

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