278. Hill Farmstead Harlan

You might start to see a pattern over the next few weeks with lots of beer from Vermont. After my 3 day trip last week I have tons of Vermont beer to drink and review. Will most likely start with the Hill Farmstead 750 ml bottles. I am sure the bottles would keep just fine but why chance it as they make some of the very best beer available.

This is Harlan which is Hill’s IPA or as they describe it a more aggressive version of Edward. Edward is certainly the best pale ale I have reviewed so it is no surprise that I enjoyed this one just as much. Color is similar a very nice unfiltered orange with solid white head. This beer leaves amazing lacing on the glass too.

Aroma is very pleasant – strong but not overwhelming with lots of fresh hop and tropical and grapefruits. The best way to describe the taste on this one is fresh. All types of hop flavor here with some pine, tropical, grapefruit and citrus. Just enough of a malt character to balance it out but the beer still finishes with a slight bitterness. Overall another excellent beer from Hill Farmstead.
Pros: Not over the top like many of today’s IPAs, very drinkable
Alcohol Content: 6% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★★★★
Brewers Website: Hill Farmstead
Brewers Description: Harlan is Edward’s slightly more aggressive alter-ego. Dry Hopped exclusively with Columbus hops.

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