273. Penobscot Bay Brewing Whig Street Blonde

Last night my wife wanted to share a beer before supper so I checked the fridge for something light and not very hoppy as that is her preferred style. Whig Street Blonde from Penobscot Bay was a great choice.

Being a blonde ale it is light in color, body and alcohol content. Color is a crystal clear pale orange with a slight white head. Color is a bit dark for a blonde but still a nice looking beer. Aroma is quite mellow with some malts. Taste is simple with a slight hop bite in the middle that fades fast. Finishes clean and quite refreshing. Overall a simple beer (as most blondes are) but good stuff for a warm afternoon.
Pros: Easy to drink
Cons: Simple
Alcohol Content: ??% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Brewers Website: Penosbscot Bay Brewing
Brewers Description:  Whig Street blonde ale is soft and delicate with balanced flavors and aromas. The taste is uncomplicated and clean. It is made from pale malt, a handful of malted wheat and finished with Perle hops for bittering and Cascade for aroma. It’s an easy drinking, comfortable ale for those lazy days and laid-back nights.

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