23. Baxter Brewing Pamola Xtra Pale Ale

You will notice the photo on this one is not my normal bottle beside a glass. Two reasons for this – first Baxter Brewing is one of the few craft brewers to choose cans over bottles (see their website for more details on this) and second I enjoyed this while camping in Baxter State Park last weekend. I was going to wait and enjoy this at Pamola Peak but thought it may not be a good idea to hike down a mile high pile of rocks after having a beer or two. The beer itself is a very easy to drink refreshing pale ale with a low IBU rating (which I like). Like some of the other beer I have reviewed this would be a good session beer.

I live and work very near the brewery and this one of the few breweries I have actually visited. They are doubling in size and have recently expanded their reach to Massachusetts. Hopefully this beer will continue to do well and they will introduce more variety soon. On my most recent visit to the brewery they had a sample red and light brown ale and both were excellent. I am looking forward to trying more from Baxter Brewing as they continue to grow.
Pros: Crisp flavor, easy to drink
Cons: Hard to get used to drinking from a can
Alcohol Content: 4.9% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): 26
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Brewers Website: Baxter Brewing
Brewers Description: Subtle, sophisticated flavors from choice barley and select hops, combined with cold conditioning, give this beer its exceptional drinkability.
Technical Specifications:

  • A proprietary blend of North American 2-row malted barley, including barley grown in Northern Maine’s Aroostock County
  • Domestic and imported “Character” malts provide complexity, color and body
  • 3 different hop varieties, all with European roots and grown in the Pacific Northwest
  • Fermented cold and then cold conditioned
  • Clean, well attenuating, top-fermenting American ale yeast
  • Pure, soft water from Lake Auburn, Maine

Flavor Profile:
Brilliant clarity, bright golden in color. Pours a nice creamy head. Subtle malt and hop aroma. Crisp, clean, effervescent start with a touch of malt character and a balanced bitterness. Hop flavors linger nicely. Finishes clean, crisp and dry with a light body. Beautiful lace left all the way down the glass. Extremely drinkable.

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