215. Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA

I had high hopes for this one as I like double IPAs and Weyerbacher makes some very good beer. The bottle is very nice with cork and wire cage and it took me quite some time to actually get the cork out of the bottle. Could not find any bottle on date so I have no idea if this was fresh or had been around for a while. The appearance of the beer is great; unfiltered, huge head and a deep orange color. Lots of aroma with malts and hops which was surprising.

I figured it would be all hops as many DIPAs are. Taste is lots of hops and alcohol with an oily mouth feel. I had hoped for something a bit more balanced that masked the alcohol better. I have reviewed a lot of double IPAs in the past few months and this one will end up near the bottom of the list.
Pros: Appearance
Cons: Oily mouth feel, strong alcohol taste
Alcohol Content: 9% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Weyerbacher
Brewers Description: Double Simcoe IPA, 9.0% abv, is our incredible reward for Hopheads seeking the intense hop flavor in a Double IPA, without the harshness. It is brewed untilizing only the Simcoe hop variety. This hybrid hop, developed and trademarked by Select Botanicals Group, LLC in the year 2000, was created for its high alpha acid content, maximum aromatic oils, and low cohumulone(harshness) levels so that brewers can really put a lot of ‘em in a beer and not create an overly harsh taste.

Double Simcoe IPA is a full-flavored ale with hints of pineapple and citrus upfront, a good malt backbone in the middle, and a clean finish that doesn’t linger too long. Check it out, and you’ll soon see why everyone’s talking about it. Double Simcoe is available year-round.

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