2. Sam Adams Light

This is my everyday beer. Light refreshing, full flavor and low calorie make for a good combination. Goes great with dinner, after a long day of work or anytime.
Pros: Low calorie, easy to drink more than one.
Cons: Being a light beer it does give up a bit of flavor.
Alcohol Content: 4.07 ABV
Calories: 119
IBU (Bitterness): 10
Rating: ★★★½☆
Brewers Website: Samuel Adams
Brewers Description: Great tasting with a clean, smooth finish. Sam Adams Light® is not just a lighter version of our Samuel Adams Boston Lager® but rather the culmination of over two years of tireless research and brewing trials that proved to be worth the wait.  Brewed using only the finest two-row malt and Bavarian Noble hops it has a smooth, complex, roasted malt character that is superbly balanced with the subtle fruity notes of the Noble hops. Sam Adams Light has a crisp and smooth finish without any lingering bitterness, leaving you yearning for that next sip.

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