190. Sebago Brewing Elegans Saison

This was the last beer of last weekend and what a great way to finish. Beautiful sunny Sunday with a nice Saison. Many people are not familiar with the style but it seems to be making a comeback in Maine and other parts of the US. I have not had many Saisons but this one seems to be a good example of the style. Beautiful hazy orange color, complex taste with some fruit flavors and a fair amount of sweetness. Finishes slightly bitter (in a good way) and dry. The description below from Sebago is excellent. A really nice looking beer, easy to drink and at just over 6% ABV the 22 oz bottle was just enough.
Pros: Complex, color
Alcohol Content: 6.1% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★★★★☆
Brewers Website: Sebago Brewing
Brewers Description: Saison is a classic Belgian beer style traditionally brewed by farms to refresh the many seasonal workers. This style is renowned for its complex fruitiness and aroma. Elegans Saison (6.1% ABV) is a smooth ruby red colored winter version brewed with Pineapple Sage, an herb from the mountains of Central America long used as a tension reliever. Pineapple sage (salvia elegans) imparts delicate fragrances of lemongrass and tangerine to compliment the bready malt aroma and caramelized sugar flavors. A balanced bitterness ends each sip and cleanses the palate, leaving you thirsty for more. Elegans Saison is a limited-release Single Batch Series beer, available beginning February 17th on draft at all Sebago Brewing Company locations and in 22oz bottles at better beer stores throughout New England.

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