176. Oxbow Freestyle No 3 – Black Saison

First I have to say I am so glad I was able to take a picture outside as the sun is up after 5:00 now in Maine which makes things a lot easier. The quality of pictures taken inside is terrible compared to the normal setting of my deck rail. If you look back to last Summer/Fall you will see the same backdrop as this picture with vibrant green and fall colors. Hopefully the rest of the pictures until November will be taken outside. This was taken at the end of the growler – 64 ounces of beer is perfect for a weekend especially when it is 7.5% ABV.

The Freestyle #3 is a Black Saison which is almost perfect. The beer pours black (what a surprise for a black saison 🙂 with a small head that leaves a bit of lacing. Aroma has plenty of malt and taste is great. There is a bit of coffee in there, just a small amount of sweetness but very well balanced and goes down very easy for a 7.5% beer. The 64 ounce growler was gone in 2 nights and although I have a beer almost every night it is usually limited to a single 22 oz bomber so finishing a growler in 2 nights means it was a good beer. If you live in Maine or even New Hampshire take the drive to Newcastle on a Friday afternoon and visit Oxbow. I was there for 15-20 minutes talking beer with Tim Adams (head brewer) last Friday and it was a great time. Will certainly be back for more Oxbow in the coming weeks.
Pros: Dark, strong and flavorful.
Cons: Only available on tap or growlers at the brewery
Alcohol Content: 7.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating:  ★★★★☆
Brewers Website: Oxbow
Brewers Description:
Mash:   British Pale, Belgian Chocolate Malt, Belgian Crystal, Belgian Coffee Malt, Specialty B, Aromatic
Hops:   American, European
Fermentation:    Saison Yeast
Flavor Profile:   Deeply Kilned Malts, Italian Roasted Coffee, Pepper

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