142. Rock Art Brewery Mountain Holidays in Vermont Bock Lager

This was my first beer from Rock Art so I really had no idea what to expect from them. I was slightly disappointed with the pour as there was no head at all however there was a fair amount of carbonation so I don’t think the beer was flat. Color is a very dark red almost brown but not quite. Aroma is slightly sweet with a fair amount of caramel malt. Taste was smooth and very easy to drink with a lot of carbonation – not excessive but approaching it. Almost no bitterness and not really what I think of when I drink a bock. Overall not a bad beer but I am sure other offerings from Rock Art will be better than this one. Bottle art is nice and will add to my collection of bombers.
Pros: Great color
Cons: Minimal head, lots of carbonation, thin
Alcohol Content: ?? ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Brewers Website: Rock Art Brewery
Brewers Description: Our delicious bock lager was brewed with lots of rich, sweet caramel malts and delicately balanced with the finest Bavarian Hallertau hops. For all holiday occasions, drink up the good life! This holiday bock will be available in some of your favorite restaurants and in specially packaged 22 oz. bottles in stores in time for the holidays (limited to 230 cases). We will have a limited number of hand bottled 1 liter flip top bottles specially packaged for the holidays This bottle will be limited to 72 hand numbered bottles available at the brewery only.

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