105. Weyerbacher Sixteen

My wife brought home a 4-pack of this after shopping on Black Friday. At 10.5% alcohol I was expecting this one to have a fair amount of alcohol burn in the finish but it did not. Certainly warms the soul 🙂 but not overpowering. This is my first beer from Wererbacher but they brew a special for each year they are in business and this is their 16th anniversary edition. Pours a great dark brown almost black with solid head and good retention as you drink. Smell has a lot of sweetness from the honey used in the brewing process and the beer itself is also very sweet. Not sure I could drink more than one in an evening but I am glad I have 3 more for the week ahead.
Pros: Color, aroma, sweet taste
Alcohol Content: 10.5% ABV
Calories: ???
IBU (Bitterness): ??
Rating: ★★★☆
Brewers Website: Weyerbacher Sixteen
Brewers Description: We’re super excited to have received a 2011 GOLD MEDAL at the Great American Beer Festival for SIXTEEN in the Specialty Honey Beer Category (GABF Category: 11) out of 32 entries! 2011 marks our sixteenth anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to make another very special beer?  Sixteen is a dark braggot made with 1,440 pounds of honey per 40BBL batch or over 18.5 oz. per gallon!!  That is truly ABSURD!  It is an impressive beer.  We say it for all of the Anniversary beers, but this one is going to be fun to cellar.  It will be really interesting to see how this beauty changes over time.  Here is some marketingese to get you salivating: Sixteen – Caramel, crystal, munich and chocolate malts form a rich foundation for this dark and complex ale. Brewed with an absurd amount of honey from Pennsylvania bees, this braggot has a profound honey character and a nice warming finish. It is the perfect beer to celebrate our sweet sixteen.

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