1 Year of Blogging

I just realized that it has been one year since I started blogging about beer. July 10th of last year I bought a couple of bottles from Harvest Hills Farm in Mechanic Falls and was bored on a hot afternoon. I decided to start taking pictures of beer, writing a short review and categorizing the beer I drink. In the beginning I was taking crappy cell phone pics inside my kitchen and after several months decided to start using our Canon Digital SLR with a 50 mm lens as it takes great pictures. In the past year I have tried nearly 300 different beers (not all good), met some great people and had lots of fun.

My blog has had nearly 13,000 page views in the past year with my posts about Bissell Bros Brewing, Sebago Brewer for a Day and Growlers being the top 3. If you have friends that enjoy craft beer please have them follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you all for your support and as long as people keep reading and sharing I will keep this going.
In addition I have been successful in turning a very fun hobby (drinking beer) into part of what I do everyday working in the insurance industry. I now work with several breweries and package stores providing superior insurance coverage at competitive prices. I have several start ups as well as a few established breweries lined up for later this year and next. If you know someone that works in the beer industry; brewer, beer store, bar, restaurant or distributor please send them my way as I would be happy to help.
Keep an eye on things as there will be lots more beer related stuff coming including a post about my recent trip to Vermont and Craft Beer Comes to Boothbay on Saturday. Also planning on some updates to the blog. Thanks again for reading and here are some links you may like.
Here are a few of my favorite places to buy craft beer;
Some of my favorite blogs;
Other links of interest to beer drinkers;
Untappd – Great app to track your beer

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  1. Congratulations on the milestone!! I really appreciate the shoutout too! Hope to have a pint with you sometime soon.

    Brian (Seacoast Beverage Lab)

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